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heartI hope that reading about these small gestures are not only enjoyable, but also inspiring. 

They gave me a feeling like none other!

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2016 - ASAC - Area Substance Abuse Council

ASAC LogoIn October 2015, I was in search of a place to start donating books.  ASAC came up in conversation one day so there I went. I have, to date donated 331 books, 3 single size bed sheets, 56 stuffed animals, 8 VCR movies/shows, binders, crayons and Christmas decorations. ASAC is a great organization that works with many organizations to reduce the underage use and abuse of alcohol, the misuse of prescription medicines and the use of nicotine products and illegal drugs. Please visit their website  www.asac.us   for more information on what ASAC does and also how you can help or donate.

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2015 - Ronald McDonald Center at Edward Elmhurst Hospital

DSCN7553In June of 2015, three of my friends and I enjoyed a girls’ weekend in Naperville, IL.  My search for things to do in the area resulted in finding a hospital with a Ronald McDonald Center, close to our hotel.  My suggestion that we go together to purchase some children’s books, coloring books and crayons was well received by my friends and we brought the gifts into the hospital to donate them.  The Ronald McDonald staff happily and gratefully received the books and crayons and assured us that they would bring the children much joy. 

Not only did I receive that heartfelt feeling but, I was able to share it with three of my best friends.  What could be better than that?

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2014 - Seniors Home

BegoniaAround the time the “Pay it Forward” became popular, I felt the need to do something fulfilling.  Inspiration came when my youngest stepson, his wife, and their daughter delivered fresh cut flowers in vases to the elderly at a senior home.  Their heartfelt stories of the warm, receptive looks and joyful smiles of the residents filled me with yearning.  I knew that this was the kind of generosity that sang to me. 

My sister Sue purchased some begonias and I bought the pots, the dirt and some butterfly stickers to decorate.  My girlfriend Cheryl and I planted 24 of the begonias, decorated the pots and brought them to the senior center where my mother was living.  All the dining room tables became alive with Spring!  It not only brightened up the room, but the looks on the faces of the residents were priceless.  For such a small gesture to generate so many smiles and so much joy was… well, it was incredible. 

My heart was filled for days after this event and I discovered that I wanted to help out more by donating to other causes - to bring joy and happiness to others.

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