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"Count your Blessings" was edited by Edit This One and published by Blessing Carnes in 2016. This is the second book in her memoir.

Snippet: What if a religious, sheltered girl grows up to be a very sexual adult, embracing her womanhood in a healthy, productive manner instead of being a Missionary like her Daddy had always envisioned her to be? Count Your Blessings will take you, the reader on a journey through Blessing’s life as she went from having a very religious, sheltered upbringing into the adult entertainment world.

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FerralVarmitsTakeOver"Feral Varmints Take Over … Our Cabin in the Woods" was edited by Edit This One and published by Wordy Gerty Publishing in 2016. This short story tells about the crazy things you can get into when buying a cabin – sight unseen.  

Snippet: Bears, skunks and feral pigs, Oooh My! These are only a part of the surprises that unfold by buying a cracker style cabin, sight unseen. Red beady eyes and gun shots from out the rickety cabin window send shivers down my spine, as a cobweb brushes against my face and …

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