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Always write your author’s biography in the third person.  Make it about 250 words.  This is not a chance to tell your life story.  Only mention parts of your life if they are relevant to the manuscript that you wrote.  Ex:  you are writing a story about the floods of 2008 in Iowa and you live in Iowa, then that is relevant and should be mentioned.  Establish credibility - list any literary achievements that you have received.

Writing your own biography is one of the hardest things to do. Get the perspective of outside sources.  It is not easy to see your own life as it is, so once you are done writing your biography get the perspective of family and friends.  Let others read it and make suggestions.  Combine the most fascinating suggestions from these people and you will have an incredible biography.

Read the biographies of established authors and make note of what you like or dislike.  Work from this list and it will help you to write yours.  Make yourself interesting to the reader.  Put a link to your website or your social media page if you have these.

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