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Content Editing:  I will point out the following items:

  •      weak characters
  •      too many characters or too wordy - may not sell very well as the story could get boring if there are too many words.  Readers may find it repetitive and too hard to follow.
  •      a plot that is not credible or exciting
  •      does the opening grab the readers attention
  •      are the main characters established early enough in the story
  •      predictable ending
  •      does the hero always win - making it easy for the reader to get bored
  •      are the characters believable
  •      is there enough rising tension in the story

Both copy and content editing are important as you can always write a story in perfect English but without these two editing components, the story can get very boring to the reader.

Most writers will write their first novel because they enjoy the writing.  They fail to realize that the reader may get a very different feel for the novel.  The first draft is often for you, the writer.  Now go back and rewrite it for the reader.  They are your audience and they are the ones that will purchase your ticket to success.

After I copy edit and content edit your work, you will need to go back through it again even more than once, concentrate on the changes that were made and any suggestions that were given.  This is when we can talk about the changes and what steps to take, if any.

It is not only important to write something that will catch the eyes of the audience - but it is also important that you, the creator are happy with the final results.

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