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Editing the “Blurb” on the back cover:

Usually a book cover will catch a person’s eye. The first thing you do is turn it over and read the back cover -The Blurb, or if online, you will read the first excerpt which is the same thing.

This is your sales pitch. It needs to be a dramatization of your story that will lure the reader to purchase it.  

Include in the Back Blurb:

  • A hint of the plot
  • Words that will awaken images and resonate with readers of the genre
  • Main characters that are named and characterized
  • An idea of setting - where story takes place, naming more than one place if they travel
  • A question or a hint of mystery that will draw the reader in…….
  • A reference to your book-writing or professional status - only if it relates to your book
  • Should be 100-200 words

But don't:

  • Give away any spoilers, no matter how tempted you are
  • Give a summary of the first chapter
  • Give everything away
  • Say how amazing you are

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