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Text Editing

Copy Editing:  After you have typed and retyped your work and you feel your final draft is complete, your manuscript is ready for editing.  Editing addresses structure, style, grammar, spelling and punctuation.  It will also address words being dropped or misused.  ImNotObsessed75

I like to read a manuscript at least twice.  The first read, I refer to as “heavy editing”.  This is because I give it a thorough read with great attention to all details.  I will correct any errors I feel are necessary by using Track Changes.  I will start a spreadsheet listing all characters and places to be sure you are consistent and also do fact checking.

After I have completed my first read, I will read it again to see how it flows and to follow and understand what has been written.  When this is completed, it will be sent back to you for your review, with a comment page noting criticism and encouragement.

Proof Reading:  It used to be that this was done by a separate person and still can be if that is what the author wishes, however, our editing services will include a great portion of proof reading as well. 


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