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The Synopsis:

A brief outline or general view of your story.  Similar to the back cover blurb, but a little more in-depth.  

When you are ready to do your final reading of your manuscript, have a pen and paper next to you.  As you complete each chapter, make note of what happened where and to which character - main places and characters.  When you are done this for each chapter, you will have your outline.  Use this outline to create your enticing synopsis.  A synopsis that will make the reader excited to read your manuscript to see what happens and how it happens.

A synopsis varies in length.  Tell your story in as few pages as possible but do not leave out the important characters and what troubles and adventures they encounter.  Don’t forget the important parts, the ones that make the story.

You have to tell the entire story in your synopsis - this is the most important part of your manuscript.

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