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Being a writer, of any ilk, is about having something to say and needing to express it. Regardless of your means of expression, when you are overwhelmed by a passion, it is so easy to overlook all of the details the English language and its subsequent grammar require. As well, as writers, we are often too close to our own work to see any loose threads we have left hanging in our narrative. Too often, these details are what can stop a potential masterpiece from ever being shared and enjoyed.

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Laurel Merrick - ASAC Resource Development Director

“Tina has a great editing eye and has helped immensely to improve the language used on our website, brochure and newsletter.” Laurel Merrick, Resource Development Director, Area Substance Abuse Council,

Blessing Carnes - Author

"If I could give Tina a 100% for helping me edit my second book, I'd have to give her 110% because she went way above and beyond in getting my book ready to publish. It would take me probably a whole year to edit myself. Thanks to Tina my book will be ready to publish with a big publisher by Christmas time. I don't know what I would have done without her, I'd have been lost in paperwork. I highly recommend her in all aspects of editing, she is so thorough and

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Steven F. Deslippe - Author

"The first thing that people do when they are seeking out an opinion is to turn to someone that they know and trust.  For me, what started out as just an attempt to see whether or not I was actually able to write something that was more than just a few paragraphs, turned into a novella-sized story.  From there, many ideas were spawned - except I knew that my work was far from polished.  At that point, Tina was gracious enough to
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Christian Barko - Croell Quality Control

"I work for a ready mix company and from time to time I have to send letters to various companies, engineers and customers. I use for all of my proof reading.  It is fast, easy and reliable. The prompt and personal service I receive is perfect for my application and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for this service. " 

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