"The first thing that people do when they are seeking out an opinion is to turn to someone that they know and trust.  For me, what started out as just an attempt to see whether or not I was actually able to write something that was more than just a few paragraphs, turned into a novella-sized story.  From there, many ideas were spawned - except I knew that my work was far from polished.  At that point, Tina was gracious enough to
volunteer to read over what I had written and give me not only her honest opinion on my work, but she took the time to make the necessary corrections.
Both of us at the time, admittedly were amateurs in the literary field.  Each of us however, realized that an interest had been born; an interest that turned into a passion.  Over the years, I have written many (soon to be published) novels, novellas and short stories; all of which Tina has edited for me.  With every body of work written, every edit completed, and every opinion given, each of us have now honed our craft to the point where we feel that our abilities have reached the level of a seasoned professional.
I can say that without a doubt, I would not have been able to accomplish what I have without the willingness of Tina Rosekrans to read and edit what I have cumulatively written.  For that reason, I say thank you - and for that reason, I heavily endorse her as an editor."

Steven F. Deslippe

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