Being a writer, of any ilk, is about having something to say and needing to express it. Regardless of your means of expression, when you are overwhelmed by a passion, it is so easy to overlook all of the details the English language and its subsequent grammar require. As well, as writers, we are often too close to our own work to see any loose threads we have left hanging in our narrative. Too often, these details are what can stop a potential masterpiece from ever being shared and enjoyed.


I am a screenwriter, albeit a fledgling, but still it is my passion to tell compelling visual stories.  Screenwriting is a unique form of expression with some very specific rules and conventions yet still needs the polish of these "details". This is where Tina comes in. Tina took my script and polished all of the "burrs" and helped me tie up the threads so the story could come shining through, and managed to do it lightning fast.

Thanks Tina for all your help. I'm working on a new script so I'll be talking to you soon!

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