Terry Lindsley

 As a first time author, I was fortunate to have found Tina and EditThisOne.com. 

I had first contacted a large publishing firm and they wanted a fair sum of money to bring my book to fruition.  Tina offered a more local source for editing and affordable rates for the work.  She can also handle the publishing and marketing phases of the project. 

Tina has been great to work with and always told me, "it is your book," and wanted to know my thoughts on the process. 

For me...

the hardest part of writing a book, believe it or not, was coming up with a title and a cover design.  Tina had a resource for cover design also and again at an affordable cost. 

The bottom line is that the book came to fruition with Tina's expertise.  I am pleased with the final result. 

The book, by the way, is "A Call to Joy – celebrating the God of Unconditional Love."  It is listed on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  It is a book about spirituality (not religion), for those who have questions about what they believe and why. 

Thanks to Tina and her personal attention to the project.  We have a new friend as a result.

Terry Lindsley – Council Bluffs

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