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That’s Me … Tina Rosekrans.

Growing up in a family of eleven you would think could be challenging, but it really wasn’t. Yes, eleven children and I am the youngest. No, I was not spoiled just ask me. LOL

We were a Canadian farming family. Chickens were our forté. Everyone knew us and wanted our chickens for their meal tables. Yes, we had chicken on our table too. Even though we grew them and we knew the process, we still ate them.

There was never a dull moment in our home, and there was always someone to help you if you needed anything. Our parents showed us unconditional love and taught us about respect, hard work and dedication. They taught us that you could do anything you set your mind to...      

I’m not going to lie, school was not one of my favorite places to be and English class was not a subject I was good at. It would have been, if I just wanted to be there. I was a terrible student, just wanted to get through it and move on. Then I grew up. I worked jobs I really enjoyed and some, not so much. The one thing I did do, whether I enjoyed my job or not, was give it my all and then some.

I married in 1992 and that did not work out. Remarried in 2000 to an American. I now reside in the big old corn state of Iowa. It was a long four and a half years to become a citizen, the proper way. Yes, I will admit, I get really frustrated when people get their citizenship without having to go through the BS I went through.

I started working in the office for a concrete company in 2001 and decided to hang up that hat in 2015. I still loved that job the day I walked out, but I just had enough of the corporate world. I prefer the personal approach to the stuffy, corporate way.

During my years at the concrete business, my nephew asked me to read and comment on a book series that he had been writing.  Well, I started to read it and the “red pen” came out. I discovered that maybe I learned more in English class than I thought. I loved helping with his books, so I took courses and did research and after a couple years, decided that this was my passion. It was time to leave that corporate world and start my own business …

Tune in on Jan. 15th for more on my adventures into the editing world.

Chat with you soon….


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