What kind of New Year’s Resolution have you made?B


Are you still following that resolution? If not, why? What was your motivation in the beginning? Did something change?

Feel free to share your story with us. Maybe we can help motivate you and get you back on track? Your resolution does not have to do with writing, it can be anything – we would be glad to learn more about you and help keep you on track, if we can.

My Resolutions: I made two resolutions this year. First, I want to focus even more on my business and to make it a successful year. This means taking care of my clients and help to make their dreams of being a published author come true. Second, I want to lose a few pounds, tone up some and get healthier. I have a big trip coming up in May with my three sisters; this is also a goal. The healthier part is the resolution (any suggestions would be very much appreciated). I will share more on that up coming trip in a later post.

Join us in March when we talk about being a Writer.f

Stay strong, you got this resolution thing!!


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