April 2017 Post

Some fears a Writer will experience:

            During the couple of years that I have had my own editing business, I have come to realize that I, once again will wear many hats.

            It all starts with Editor-Client. It eventually moves forward to Editor(Soundboard)-Client, then Editor(Psychologist)-Client and finally Friend-Friend. Yes, we will become friends when it is all said and done. These are all steps in the process of being an editor and working with an author.

            Authors will go through many stages during their writing. It is an emotional rollercoaster ride. Here is a partial list of questions/fears I have come across with my clients:

  • I cannot seem to find uninterrupted time to write.
  • Can I really do this?
  • Is my writing good enough?
  • Will people want to read my book?
  • I am scared to spend the money. What if I do not sell any books?
  • Frustrated and want to give up because sales are minimal or have come to a stop.

Please do not let any of these thoughts or fears take over your passion. There are ways around these fears. It just takes time, patience and a lot of marketing.

No worries, YOU GOT THIS!!!

Join us in May when Steven F. Deslippe, a new Canadian author shares his thoughts during his journey and what is coming next for him.

Here’s to staying positive.



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