December Blog 2017:

When to start a new paragraph:

This is a difficult question for many writers and can be a little confusing for editors as well.

What is a paragraph? - A collection of related sentences on one topic.

A paragraph should be about 3-4 sentences in length. Many times I find myself suggesting for the client to delete sentence after sentence of repetitive writing. The paragraph starts out as 6 sentences and once they delete the repetitive parts, it is now down to 4. They may have to change some wording throughout the remaining sentences, but at least it does not drag on and on.

Here are a few suggestions for when to change to a new paragraph:

  • You start in on a new topic or a new character comes along
  • You skip to a new time or event
  • When a new person is talking
  • When you want to create a dramatic effect

By following these steps, you will help the reader to enjoy your masterpiece, even more.

Join us in January when we discuss, “Misunderstood words and phrases.”

Have a safe holiday season.


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