January Blog 2018

Misused words/phrases:

There are many times when I am reading (enjoyment and work) that the author has misused a word/phrase. Sometimes it might be so close to correct, that they do not realize it as they reread their work, other times … OMGOSH!!

This month I am listing some of these crazy misunderstood words and phrases. (credit goes to Grammar Check)

  • Sneak peek – means to take an early look at something. It is often mistaken as ‘sneak peak’ – meaning a sly, crafty mountain.
  • By and large – used when discussing a subject in a general sense. Mistaken as ‘by in large’ – this is not an accurate saying.
  • Lie/Lay – often misused for the other. Lie means to rest on a surface while lay means to put something in place.
  • Literally – often misused to express intensity when in fact, it is a word that implies something is completely true. Don’t use literally unless something is true.
  • Supposed – this is often misused as ‘suppose to’ which is incorrect because it lacks the letter ‘d.’
  • Should of – is not proper. Use ‘should have.’
  • Toward, Afterward, Anyway – none of these words should end in ‘s.’
  • Beck and call – means being made available, often mistaken as ‘beckon call.’
  • Fewer/Less – ‘fewer’ is used for things you can count while ‘less’ is used for things you can’t count.
  • Farther/Further – ‘farther’ refers to physical distance. ‘Further’ means advancement.
  • i.e./e.g./ex – i.e. is the abbreviation for the Latin term ‘id est’ which means ‘in other words’. This abbreviation is used to explain something further. If you want to abbreviate something or enumerate example, you should use e.g. It is wrong to use ex.

I am so glad that in my research I came across the i.e/e.g./ex information. When I am writing something and I want to use examples I always abbreviate with ex. Not anymore, I will use e.g.

I hope this list of misunderstood words/phrases comes in handy for you when you are writing. I will add more in a few months in another blog.

Join us in February when we talk about more words that sound similar and are used incorrectly.

Until then … Stay warm!


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