February Blog 2018
More misused words:
I am breaking this list of misused words into many blogs (as you have seen); there is so many of them. I hope you are keeping notes on these so you use them properly in your writing journey:
➢ Everyone vs Every one
o The one word version is used when referring to all the people within a group. Can be replaced by everybody.
o The two word version is used when referring to each individual member of a group. Use every one when followed by an “of” phrase.
➢ Who vs Whom (this is one of the most difficult ones)
o Who is used when the one you are asking about is the subject – the one taking action, not the one being acted upon. Eg: Who stepped on Froggie?
o Whom is used when referring to the object of a sentence. Eg: Whom did you step on?
o TIP: If you can answer the question with ‘him,’ then use whom. They both end in ‘m.’
➢ Who’s vs Whose
o Who’s is a contraction of who is. Eg: Who’s at the door?
o Whose is a possessive pronoun. Eg: Whose hat are you wearing?
➢ Its vs It’s
o Its is the possessive form of it. It does not need the apostrophe. Eg: The tree needs its branches trimmed.
o It’s always means ‘it is’ or ‘it has.’ It’s a contraction of two words. Eg: It’s (it is) a shame the coffee ran out before you filled your cup.
➢ Grey vs Gray
o Grey is the preferred spelling in Britain.
o Gray is more popular in America.
o TIP: To remember the difference, think ‘a’ in America; therefore spell it gray.
This one is difficult for me since I was born and raised in Canada; we spell it grey.
➢ Spelled vs Spelt
o These are both the past tense and the past participle; however, they are not inter-changeable, especially in the U.S.
o U.S. writing – use spelled.
o Outside the U.S. – use spelt.
Thank you Grammar Girl for the information. It is always appreciated.
In March we will be moving in a different direction. We will be doing an inspirational blog. Please join us to see what it is about.
Until then … stay in where it is warm and keep writing.

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