March Blog 2018

An Inspirational Story:

A friend of a friend wrote the following story. When I first read it, I knew I would want to use it in one of my blogs. I found it to be very inspirational and something that everyone can relate to. As a first time writer, you are usually very nervous about letting others read your manuscripts, criticism is not an easy pill to swallow; especially when you worked so hard and you feel good about what you wrote.

I’m going to preface this with saying I have a lot of anxiety posting this “piece,” but I’m doing so in an effort to push myself out of my comfort zone so that I can encourage personal growth …

I’ve been encouraged by a good friend to start journaling and this is my first attempt in a long time. I let my fears of others seeing my words get in the way of me putting a pen/pencil to paper. I used to love journaling and doodling in my big sketchpads during my teens and 20’s but I stopped after my works were seen and judged by others. I felt vulnerable and exposed so I stopped in an effort to guard my feelings and protect myself. I let other people’s opinion of me and their potential judgment stop me from being me, from feeling anything at times out of fear that I’d be negatively perceived. This has been going on for a long time now, years, and it all stems from my own thoughts. So much so that I have come to feel that it is normal and even acceptable to push my own wants/needs/feelings to life’s “back burner” because I’m not important enough to be afforded the “luxury.”

Such a simple task of journaling seemed silly to me as though it couldn’t possibly make me feel any different, but in just the few minutes of doing so I’ve already acquired clarity. I’ve become accustomed to pushing everything far down inside to bury and hide from it to protect myself. Why am I so scared to love myself fully and trust and know my value as a person, mother, wife and friend? I could blame it on past experiences or negative words said to me by others but it’s really only me who can decide my worth and appreciate it to love myself and be happy.”

Thank you to the friend of a friend for allowing me to share your story. Remember everyone you are never alone. Others have gone through or are going through what you are.

Until next month, stay positive.


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