May 2017 Blog Post:

In April, I sent an email out to a couple of clients and asked if they would like to do a “Guest Post.” Steven F. Deslippe is a new Canadian Author and he jumped at the chance to share what he has went through and also what is next for him. I hope you enjoy our first guest post. I look forward to sharing more from other authors in months to come.

Thoughts by Steven F. Deslippe:

What lies at the end of the road, only an assumption can be made.  This journey that I have embarked on will certainly be long and slow.  But that’s ok, as I am in no rush to achieve my dream.  If it happens, it happens.  If it doesn’t, I am content.  But one never knows what the next day will bring.  All that it takes is one inconsequential moment, and the right person willing to hop on board the bandwagon, and my life could change forever.

For those who have already jumped on board and purchased a copy of my first novel ‘Inception’ or a copy of my e-book compilation of short stories ‘Strange Dreams’, a heartfelt thank you I send.  I honestly was unsure if my work would ever see the light of day, as for years, I was just unhappy with it.  And even though I had received plenty of encouragement along the way, it wasn’t until recently that I found the confidence in myself to take that all important next step — and I am glad I did.

What’s next?  Well, as of now, I have set a tentative release of early June for book #2 (Following the Path), and then in early December for book #3 (Staying the Course) in the Fate’s End series.  As things progress, I will surely keep everyone up to date.  For those who are unsure about spending your hard earned money on an unproven author such as myself, I have made available the first chapter of ‘Inception’ for a free download through a file-hosting site.  It is in PDF form. Click on the link below, click on the small DOWNLOAD button that is right next to the small SHARE button. On the next page, click on the FREE DOWNLOAD button, then on the DOWNLOAD link.  

Happy reading, and thank you again!

Steven F. Deslippe

Thank you, Steven, for sharing your journey with us. I am sure that it will help others to know that they can do this as well. I look forward to having you do another Guest Post in the future.

In June, we will be stirring away from focusing on editing and writers and I will be sharing stories about the cruise I leave for on May 13th.

Until then, Bon Voyage


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April 2017 Post

Some fears a Writer will experience:

            During the couple of years that I have had my own editing business, I have come to realize that I, once again will wear many hats.

            It all starts with Editor-Client. It eventually moves forward to Editor(Soundboard)-Client, then Editor(Psychologist)-Client and finally Friend-Friend. Yes, we will become friends when it is all said and done. These are all steps in the process of being an editor and working with an author.

            Authors will go through many stages during their writing. It is an emotional rollercoaster ride. Here is a partial list of questions/fears I have come across with my clients:

  • I cannot seem to find uninterrupted time to write.
  • Can I really do this?
  • Is my writing good enough?
  • Will people want to read my book?
  • I am scared to spend the money. What if I do not sell any books?
  • Frustrated and want to give up because sales are minimal or have come to a stop.

Please do not let any of these thoughts or fears take over your passion. There are ways around these fears. It just takes time, patience and a lot of marketing.

No worries, YOU GOT THIS!!!

Join us in May when Steven F. Deslippe, a new Canadian author shares his thoughts during his journey and what is coming next for him.

Here’s to staying positive.



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March 2017 Blog Post

Being a Writer:

Let’s talk about why you want to be a writer and what you experience when you sit down to write.

  1. What do you struggle with when writing?
  2. What is your biggest fear?
  3. What sources do you use when doing your research?
  4. Where do your ideas come from?
  5. How much time do you dedicate to your writing?
  6. Do you handwrite your story or type it on a computer?
  7. What do you do when you get frustrated?

Share your story of how you came to the decision that you wanted to be a writer and how you go about writing.

We look forward to hearing about your adventures into the world of a writer…

Join us in April to learn what I have come across, as an Editor, with my clients and their fears.

Keep that pen to paper and share your imagination with us.


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What kind of New Year’s Resolution have you made?B


Are you still following that resolution? If not, why? What was your motivation in the beginning? Did something change?

Feel free to share your story with us. Maybe we can help motivate you and get you back on track? Your resolution does not have to do with writing, it can be anything – we would be glad to learn more about you and help keep you on track, if we can.

My Resolutions: I made two resolutions this year. First, I want to focus even more on my business and to make it a successful year. This means taking care of my clients and help to make their dreams of being a published author come true. Second, I want to lose a few pounds, tone up some and get healthier. I have a big trip coming up in May with my three sisters; this is also a goal. The healthier part is the resolution (any suggestions would be very much appreciated). I will share more on that up coming trip in a later post.

Join us in March when we talk about being a Writer.f

Stay strong, you got this resolution thing!!


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