September Blog 2017:

The Hair-Raising Words You Think Twice About

As an editor, I see many misspelled words. It is not because the author does not know how to spell, it is usually because so many words sound the same but are spelled with “one” minor letter change, which in turn will change the entire meaning.

There are so many of these words that I will split it into many different blogs. Here are a few for you to ponder over:

Alright vs All right

  • Alright is referred to as “nonstandard” spelling. Other words, it is NOT all right to spell all right as one word.
  • TIP: think “all is right” to remind you of this

Awhile vs A while

  • Awhile means “for a time.” Ex: Go read awhile. Go read quietly.
  • A while describes “a time, a noun.” Ex: It’s been a while since I read that book. It’s been years since I read that book.
  • TIP: use the word awhile when you need an adverb (ly word) and use a while when you need a noun.

Cite  vs Site vs Sight

  • Cite is when you quote someone, you are citing their work.
  • Site is a location or place.
  • Sight is being able to see.
  • TIP: Cite – think of citation.
  • Site – think of a place (work site or website).
  • Sight – think of seeing something.

Compliment vs Complement

  • A word or praise = Compliment.
  • When something pairs well with something else = Complement.
  • TIP: I love receiving compliments. Things that complement each other; often complete each other.

Learnt vs Learned

  • Both are common past tenses and past particle of the verb learn.
  • Learnt is the British writing and learned is the U.S. and Canadian writing.

Principle vs Principal

  • Principle is a noun and means “a significant belief.” Ex: Some people live by the principle of their religion.
  • Principal can be a noun or an adjective meaning “most important.” Ex: The principal of your school is the principal person there.
  • TIP: If referring to a person, use principal (pal).

Pursuit vs Pursue

  • Pursuit is a noun. Ex: The pursuit between the police and the thief did not end well.
  • Pursue is a verb. Ex: The police will pursue the thief until he is caught.

Then vs Than

  • Then is an element of time. Ex: next or at that time.
  • Than is a comparison. Ex: dictionary (book) vs Google (computer).
  • TIP: then and time both have an e; than and comparison both have an a.

Trust me when I say it is not only the authors who have problems with these words, I have to look them up too sometimes to make sure that we have the correct one. Sometimes it is just so mind-boggling.

Grammar Girl – The Ultimate Writing Guide for Students, provided some of my information. This book is a great reference when you are not sure which spelling to use.

Next month we will cover a few more of these “must think about” words.

Until then … Keep pen and paper with you at all times, just in case that masterpiece starts flowing in your brain.


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August 2017 Blog Post:

We are back with another Guest Post. This time we have Blessing Macho sharing her story. I hope that you enjoy this post:

Hi, my name is Blessing. Writing was something I never thought I would do when I grew up; it was just a way to vent my frustrations by putting pen to paper. Words seemed to overflow like a spring bubbling over as the excitement flowed from my fingers. It felt therapeutic as I wrote about my childhood experiences, which were both good and bad.

My first book, "Daddy was an Exorcist," tells my story of an extremely religious lifestyle as a child and how much it affected me as I transitioned out into society. 

My second book, "Count your Blessings," continues from my childhood into womanhood and then into the entertainment life. I jumped out of a birthday cake at a party, and from a sheltered upbringing learned the hard way about the opposite sex. 

My third book is a fun short story, "Feral Varmints Take Over...Our Cabin in the Woods." Action packed and full of wild critters.

Currently, I am working on a fiction romance novel. Not sure of release date at this time, but will keep everyone posted.

I will be doing my first Guest Speaking at 11:30 a.m. on August 31, 2017. It will be held at Cottage Grove Retirement Center in Cedar Rapids, IA. Please feel free to join us, as I talk more in depth about my upbringing in hopes to help others that are having trouble coping with some type of abuse. Admission is FREE and there will be books available for purchase.

My goal is to take all profits and help a charity of similarly abused children.


Thank you, Blessing for sharing your story with us. I wish you all kinds of luck in your endeavors. Keep up the good work. I am sure that your story will help others in need.

Join us in September when we discuss “Commonly misspelled words.”


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July 2017 Blog Post:

Why you need an Editor

An editor? I don't need no editor! I know what I am writing. I know what needs to be on the page. I read my work over multiple times. I don't need no editor!

Really? First off, "I don't need no editor" is not even proper grammar. Just sayin'. ;-)

Ok, I know that as a writer you are very protective of your work. You think it is great because you wrote it. It may very well be, but let us help tweak it a little to make it better than great. Let's make it FABULOUS! A book no one wants to put down.

Here are a few things you may want to consider before deciding that you think you got this; that you don't need an editor:

  • You're too close to your work. It doesn't matter how many times you read it; you WILL miss something. You are so close to it that you will think a word is there but it really isn't. Your mind will do tricks on you. A new set of eyes can't hurt.
  • A good editor becomes your confidant, your partner in crime, and your accomplice in storytelling.
  • Working with an editor can be a true benefit. Editors will help with POV issues, character inconsistencies, plot holes, as well as many other issues.
  • Editors can be objective and give you the best tips possible for your work.
  • Agents, publishers, and even readers can tell when a book has been well-edited.

If you read your book out loud you will catch more errors. This is what we do during our editing process, at Edit This One.

A well-edited book makes for happy reading. Happy reading makes for good reviews.

Join us in August for another guest post, when we have Blessing Macho share her journey into the world of writing.

Happy Summer!


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June 2017 Blog Post:

Well, last month I promised you I would talk about the cruise I went on. So, here it is: (May 13 – May 20)

While reading earlier blogs, you learn that I come from a large family; eleven kids, four girls and seven boys.  This year three of the four girls hit milestone birthdays, 50, 60 and 70. (Yep, I am the one at 50). At Christmas last year the four of us were talking about it and decided that it was time we all did something together, just the four of us. We eventually decided on a Caribbean cruise. The route of the cruise was as follows: Miami, Florida – Ocho Rios, Jamaica – Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – Cozumel, Mexico – Miami, Florida.

Come March, my sister that was turning 60 had to back out. Kind of disappointing but it was for a good cause. Her youngest daughter (age 30) was to donate a kidney on April 12th. With not knowing how the recovery period was going to go or if there was going to be any complications, she did not feel comfortable leaving her baby girl. I am very proud of my niece for being so honorable and unselfish. Can’t say I blame my sister – all went well and both my niece and the recipient of the kidney walked out of the hospital two days later. Both are still doing very well. So that being said, one of my sister-in-laws took her place. We all had a great time.

Jamaica (Top 10 Best of Ocho Rios, bus tour) – Did not take very many photos in Jamaica as it poured rain the entire time we were there. Evidently, March until September is the rainy season. During the bus tour, we drove by a couple guys that were holding a sign with a picture of brownies and marijuana on it. I tried to get the bus to stop (so I could take a picture ONLY) but they would not. I thought that was kind of funny to see. Learned that Ocho Rios means eight rivers, that gas is $7.00 per gallon (U.S.), Jamaica is 80% hills and 20% flatlands and 2.3 million people live in Jamaica on 4400 acres. It was interesting to see how they cook Jerk Pork and Jerk Chicken. Starts with hot fire on the bottom, then slabs of sweet wood over the fire, then the pork or chicken and then they put a large piece of tin over the top. Boy did it smell good.

DSC01721.JPGCayman Islands (Cayman Segway Tours) – I did this excursion on my own. The Segway was a lot of fun. You maneuver it with your body; lean in the direction you want to go. If you want to go straight, you lean forward; to the left, lean to the left and so on. If you want to stop, you lean back or you squat. That is the hardest part of the entire thing. We went on the Segway for about an hour and a half – down the sidewalks with not much room on either side, on the road and on the beach. It is a little harder to maneuver on the sand but once you get going, it is not so bad. I would do it again in an instant. 

DSC01736.JPGCozumel (Mayan Ball Game) – This was a walking tour and it was VERY hot out. Our tour guide even had a small cooler with wet washcloths in it that he gave us half way through the tour so that we did not over heat. That really does work. We sat and watched a witch doctor do her thing and then went on to watch what they call, “Mayan Baseball”. There are two people to a team and they use a ball made entirely of rubber that is a little smaller than a volleyball. They can only use their knees and their hips to hit the ball. The objective is to get it in the tire shape goal that is to the side of the field. Whichever team gets the most goals, wins. The winning team then dies and goes to the Gods. Now that is a dedicated team as they really try very hard to win. After the game, the players did a little fire show for us. When this was done, we continued on with the tour and tasted some tortillas and then learned how they make chocolate, tasted it and then learned about tequila and even got to taste about eight different kinds. No worries, they did not give us a full shot of each, in fact it was probably a total (with all eight shots) about a half shot of tequila. They even had fruity flavored, which I came home with a bottle of Piña Colada flavored tequila. Tastes pretty good, sweet, you taste more of the Piña Colada than you do the tequila and it does not burn going down.

The following picture is one of my favorite things. Every night when we would return to our room, we had a ‘towel animal’ on the bed. They were the coolest. Here is a picture of a bunch of different animals on the lounge chairs on one of the decks.

DSC01730.JPGHow cool is that?

The rest of the trip and the times after our excursions were spent on the ship; either lying in the sun or hanging in the casino. Saw a couple shows and listened to some music in the Atrium. Our cruise director was very entertaining. The food was not too bad. I even had a hamburger from Guy Fieri’s hamburger and french fry restaurant on the ship. It was delicious.

We were all glad to get home, but I am ready to go again. Anyone ready???

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip. Next month we will be back to focusing on business. We will talk about “Why you need an Editor.”

Talk soon.


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